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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Wash it Without Water

Flat-ironed hair achieves a rapid refreshing with Ojon Rub-out Dry Cleanser. Our hair is slightly wavy so preserving thermal treatment helps minimize that amount of heat and stress applied to our tresses. So finding this easy way to clean and refresh our hair saves so much time. Now, it’s also ideal for a business trip, workout or just between washings. And, it even works on any hair types as it:

Clears impurities

Removes toxins

Eliminates excess oil

Erases product build-up

While some may think that $24 is a bit much, considering the convenience and that only takes a minute amount of Ojon Rub-out Dry Cleanser, it’s well worth the price.

1 comment:

Beauty411 said...

Just saw this at Sephora over the weekend; glad to know it's worth buying.