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Friday, December 14, 2007


If your favorite nail spa is booked and your nails are a mess, ten minutes is all it takes for a quick, pre-party nail fix.

Wash hands and remove old nail polish.

File nails using an emery board with fine grains.

Soak fingertips for five minutes in sudsy water.

Push back cuticles.

Buff a gentle sweeping pattern to smooth out rough ridges and then wipe with a cotton swab saturated in nail polish remover.

Polish with a basecoat, let dry for three minutes. Repeat with two coats of nail lacquer.

Repair any smudges with a orangewood stick dipped in nail polish remover.

Our picks for this season’s hottest nail colors:
Lippmann Collection Nail Color, Rehab, $15
OPI Nail Lacquer, Russian Navy, $7.50
Zoya Nail Polish, Indigo, $8

Why You'll Love Them: Deep blues, like vampy reds, look classic on nails, but their sophisticated, earthy character softens them, making navy, we think, almost as wearable as baby pink or beige. Take a walk on the dark side, which shade will you choose?

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