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Monday, December 24, 2007

Skin Defense Without a Knife

There’s no need to opt for Botox, Fraxel or Affirm. There’s ample time to defer the injections, laser treatments and other nifty nip and tuck procedures. Age Defence is to the rescue. Synonymous with its brand name, “nude skin care,” this is the moisturizer of all moisturizers.

How it works?
It not only hydrates the skin but also detoxifies, all the while acting as the skin’s best defense. Age Defence works in-sync with the body’s biology. During the day, antioxidants (green tea, ginger turmeric) prevent free radicals from aging or oxidative stress. At night, the emollient’s probiotic nutrients stimulate CoQ10 production for the immune system and promote cell renewal for rejuvenation.

Is it natural?
With more than a dozen pure herbs and extracts, finally there’s a moisturizer that is abundant in organic ingredients and free of chemicals. For instance, Age Defence does not contain any sulfate, of parabens, or phthalates.

What to expect?

For $100, there’s no need to inject, cut are insert. Simply expect to squash aging and preserve a youthful appearance.

Where to buy it?
Nudeskincare.com or Barneys New York.

1 comment:

PV said...

There is a skin care product called a "shielding lotion" that deeply hydrates the skin and provides protection from environmental irritants. This lotion prevents the loss on skin's own oils and moisture thus helping the skin to enhance its natural hydrating and protective abilities. As a result, the skin starts functioning better and looks smooth and youthful.